STEM Students Blow Away the Competition

On Wednesday, October 24, 2018, twenty-five sixth and eighth grade students from Lawrence Middle School participated in a KidWind competition at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City.  In preparation for this exciting event, the middle school students worked in teams during their STEM classes under the guidance of Mrs. Ubertini, Mrs. Sarceno, and Mr. Gupta.  The students researched wind energy and wind turbines, and used that information to design and create working wind turbines.  They also applied the scientific method to help them experiment with different materials, sizes, angles, and shapes for their blades.  In addition to working on their project during class, many of the students spent time after school performing trials for their experiments and preparing their presentation boards.

At the event, the students competed against students from various schools.  Mrs. Ubertini, Mr. Gupta, and Ms. Velthaus accompanied the students to the competition.  The students had to make a presentation to the judges about their knowledge of wind energy and share their display boards. They were also judged on the energy output that was generated by their wind turbines. The following students participated in the competition: Enoch Adepoju, Elmer Blanco-Osorto, Fiona Bruncaj, Krissy Cribbs, Joshua Cruz Arreaga, Shawn Culligan, Anselmo Dash, Kevin Gomez, Finn Higgins, Angeline Koster, Litzy Martinez, Joshua Mejia, Luis Mejia, Roberto Mendoza, Nataly Moiseyev, Hector Munoz, Mateo Navarro, Jaron Palomar, Madelyn Ramos, David Reyes, Christian Saninocencio, Matthew Sharin, Geisel Sigaran, Willy Verrier, and Corey Vine.   

Congratulations to David Reyes for receiving a 3rd Place Award for his presentation on wind turbines.  Ms. Mcloughlin and all of the science teachers are extremely proud of all of the participants.