The Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program at Lawrence Middle School is the same program adopted by the entire Lawrence district family: Suite 360. Students will use a common language as they begin in Elementary School, move to Middle School, and continue their Social-Emotional Learning in High School by using the same program. Each week, learners will study a new lesson using their own computer devices to further understand the pressures and joys of becoming an adolescent. Students will study topics such as: study skills, time management, coping with stress, and peer pressure. Likewise, students will also learn how to avoid negative pressures that they may be exposed to as they grow, such as: bullying, cheating, pressure to smoke/use drugs, and gang violence. Each lesson has a self assessment piece where students can watch their own growth in understanding each topic. 

Likewise, there are parent components that will be posted below throughout the year that are aimed at helping parents with each of these difficult topics. The parent links will provide strategies on how to talk to your student about each of these difficult topics, as well as tips on how to diffuse situations that may involve angry outbursts, or other typical adolescent behaviors.