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                                                                   October 2013


Dear Parents:


It is commonly recognized that the home and school share a joint responsibility for a child’s development. What happens at home or at school affects a child’s development. In order to help a child achieve optimum results, parents and teachers must work TOGETHER and cooperate in working out a suitable program of activities and learning experiences. A most satisfactory means of stimulating cooperative planning is the parent/teacher conference


It is widely agreed that parents’ involvement in children’s education makes a difference. Below please find a proposal for a




 Every parent has the right to:


¨       Be respected as an individual, regardless of race, creed, national origin, economic status, sex or age.

¨       Be treated with courtesy by all members of the school staff.

¨       Inspect your child’s cumulative record.

¨       Visit schools and classes after notifying the principal and in accordance with guidelines which establish the rights of parents while protecting the rights of teachers.

¨       Be informed of the academic/behavioral requirements of the school.

¨       Be informed of the school policies and decisions.

¨      Be informed of approved procedures for seeking changes in school policies and for appealing administrative decisions.

¨       Be informed about all programs/procedures in special education.

¨      Expect that every attempt will be made by school personnel to insure the receipt by parents of important news and messages from school.

¨      Participate in meaningful parent/teacher conferences to discuss a child’s school progress and welfare.

¨      Expect reasonable protection for your child from physical harm while your child is under school authority.

¨      Help organize and participate in parent organizations.

¨      Gain assistance from school personnel to further the progress and improvement of your child which includes, but is not limited to counseling, tutorial and remedial programs, as well as information about academic and psychological services within/without the school and school district.

¨      Expect a full day of education for your child within the legally defined number of hours and days.

¨      Participate in planning and implementing special events.

¨      Be informed of the procedures, data and information required to properly select and assign administrators and faculty.


In summary, at Lawrence Middle School PARENTS make the DIFFERENCE!


                                                                   Sincerely yours,


                                                                   Willis Perry














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