Character Education
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Program Proposal:


2015-2016 - School Year




Mr. Perry-Principal, Ms. DePaola – Assistant Principal; Ms. Moore – Assistant Principal; Mrs. Herrera – ELA/SS Chairperson; Ms. Bienstock – Teacher; Ms. Swain – Social Worker; Ms. Matulewicz – Peninsula Public Children’s Librarian; Mrs.  Schmidt – Parent; Dr. Karen Mackler – School Psychologist; Stacy Portillo – Student; Mrs. Young – Art Coordinator; Mrs. Gallopini – Music Coordinator.


Ø  Lawrence Middle School Core Values were established and implemented – RICH, Respect, Integrity (Academic), Caring and Honesty by a committee including parents, teachers, administrators, student and a community member.


Ø  Pledge cards were distributed to students and faculty to provide evidence of buy in and support of Core Values.


Ø  Core Values signs in every classroom and around the school building. Also, there are announced daily for morning announcements with a quote related to Core Values.


Ø  A weekly contest for students with a connection to RICH – Who Wants to be a Millionaire?


Ø  Students are demonstrating knowledge of Core Values by thinking, feeling and doing(writing of reflections) after discussing their inappropriate behavior(s) with deans and administrators.


Ø  Trumpet Newspaper highlights Character Education in a section of newspaper.


Ø  Student contest to design a RICH t-shirt to be sold in our school store


Ø  Parent survey to be distributed November 13th and November at Parent Teacher Conferences.


Ø  Second Step given to all grades by homeroom teachers in 5th and 6th grades, social studies teachers in 7th and 8th grades, in conjunction with support staff.


Ø  Parent involvement – presented at Orientation, Back to School Night, Parent Teacher Conferences, letters and calendars sent home detailing units of study with themes of the month.


Ø  SEL on agendas for cabinet meetings, faculty and staff development days.


Ø  PTA supported SEL activities throughout the year


Ø  ROCK Cards – recognizing outstanding character in kids supplied to all staff for distribution to students who exhibit exemplary behavior.  Students who perform random acts of kindness are also recognized to develop intrinsic motivators for exemplary character. 


Ø  STAR Cards – student to teacher appreciation and recognition requiring an essay about the teacher.


Ø  Posters of monthly themes displayed throughout the building as well as daily morning announcement of the monthly theme.


Ø  Quarterly assemblies to recognize achievements and build school spirit.


Ø  Application to the Character Education Partnership for recognition of a New York School of Character by December 15th, 2013.









All Settings




-          Raise my hand

-          Listen while others are speaking

-          Follow teacher directions


-          Use a level one voice

-          Stay with my friends at my table

-          Clear off table and push in chair

-          Walk and stay to the right

-          Watch where I’m going

-          Use a level one voice

-          Show good sportsmanship

-          Speak to others appropriately

-          Return equipment immediately


-          Use a level one voice

-          Stay seated and facing forward

-          Listen to bus driver

-          Use appropriate language

-          Use a level one voice

-          Be aware of personal space


-          Use my best effort

-          Work cooperatively

-          Be an active listener


-          At sound of whistle, listen to speaker

-          Use proper table manners


-          Keep hands to myself

-          Use appropriate language

-          Use shortest route


-          Treat others as I expect to be treated

-          Keep my cool

-          Follow directions immediately

-          Use appropriate language

-          Look out for those around me

-          Keep aisles clear

-          Be there on time!

-          Dress for success

-          Be prepared



-          Be patient

-          Respond politely to peers

-          Listen to teachers and each other

-          Smile and greet students/staff

-          Invite a friend who sits alone

-          Clean up after myself


-          Report a safety issue to an adult

-          Keep hallways clean

-          Take care of items posted on the walls

-          Help a friend who falls or gets hurt

-          Be patient and fair

-          Use kind words

-          Be considerate of my bus driver/


-          Keep hands and feet to myself

-          Keep bus clean

-          Use appropriate language

-          Help others when needed

-          Keep my  school clean




-          Complete my own work

-          Eyes on my own paper

-          Keep electronics off and away

-          Pay for my own food

-          Be where I belong

-          Keep environment clean

-          Carry hallway pass

-          Keep electronics off and away

-          Go only where I need to go

-          Follow rules of game “If I’m out, I’m out”

-          Tell the truth

-          Play fairly

-          Enter and exit promptly

-          Tell the driver about a problem with safety or behavior

-          Follow directions the first time

-          Tell the truth

-          Keep electronics off and away

-          Follow schedule each day








Area de Recreo


Todos los Escenarios



·         Levantar la mano

·         Escuchar cuando otros hablan

·         Seguir instrucciones de los maestros



·         Hablar en voz baja

·         Quedarme  con mis amigos en mi mesa

·         Limpiar la mesa y empujar la silla hacia dentro

·         Caminar y mantenerrme a la derecha

·         Mirar por donde camino

·         Hablar en voz baja

·         Demonstrarespíritu deportivo

·         Hablar correctamente con otros

·         Devolver el equipo inmediatamente


·         Hablar en voz baja

·         Quedarme sentado y mirando hacia adelante

·         Escuchar al conductor del autobús

·         Usar lenguaje apropiado

·         Hablar en voz baja

·         Estar consciente  del espacio personal



·         Demonstrar su mejor esfuerzo

·         Trabajar cooperativamente

·         Escuchar siempre


·         Al sonido de la campana, escuche el altavoz

·         Use buenas modales en la mesa


·         Mantener las manos hacia abajo

·         Usar lenguaje apropiado

·         Tome la ruta más corta


·         Tratar a otros como yo quiero que me traten a mi

·         Mantenerme calmado

·         Sequir instrucciones immediatamente

·         Usar lenguaje apropiado

·         Estar al tanto de las personas que me rodean

·         Mantener los pasillos libre de obstáculos

·         Ser puntual

·         Vestirse  para el exito

·         Estar preparado



·         Tener paciencia

·         Responder correctamente a mis semejantes

·         Escuchar a los maestros

·         Sonríe y Saluda a los estudiantes/y al personal

·         Invita a un amigo que se sienta solo

·         LImpiar mi area de almuerzo


·         Informar problemas de seguridad y comportamiento a un adulto

·         Mantener el pasillo limpio

·         Cuidar los artículos colgados de la pared

·         Ayudar a un amigo que se cayó o esta lastimado

·         Sea paciente  y justo

·         Use palabras agradables

·         Ser considerado del conductor/Matrona

·         Mantener manos y pies fuera del pasillo

·         Mantener el autobus limpio

·         Usar  lenguaje apropiado

·         Ayudar a esos que necesitan ayuda

·         Mantener al escuela limpia



·         Completar mi propio trabajo

·         Mantener los ojos en mi papel

·         Mantener electrónicos apagados

·         Pagar por mi comida

·         Estar donde me corresponde

·         Mantener mi area limpia

·         Llevar un pase

·         Guardar y apagar electronicos

·         Ir a donde tengo que estar

·         Seguir las reglas del juego.

·         Diga la verdad

·         Juege justo

·         Entrar y salir rapidamente

·         Informar al conductor  de cualquier problema de seguridad o comportamiento

·         Seguir instrucciones inmediatamente

·         Decir la verdad

·         Mantener  mi escuela limpia

·         Seguir el itinerario cada día







~Success is within the reach of each and every learner.~





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