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Fizz Boom Read
2014 Summer Reading Program

Who can join? Students from ages 4-13 years of age…

What do I have to do? Read books, ANY KIND of books,  write down the titles, authors, and number of pages for the books you have read by August 8th.

What do I get? Prizes! Prizes will be awarded for ALL levels of participation (all you have to do is read and record!) The more you read, the more chances to win!

Prizes include iHome Radio, wireless speakers, movie tickets, gift cards, and more!

**All students who participate will receive an invitation to the end of the summer party to celebrate participating in the book club.

Kick Off Registration Day – Friday, June 13, 2 P.M.-6 P.M.

at Peninsula Public Library

Popcorn, Balloons, and Prizes will be available!

Summer Reading Website 


Names Not Numbers

 By Haisha Famuyide

       I was given the honor and opportunity of participating in the Names Not Numbers project with thirteen students.  This project gives us the chance to work alongside other 8th graders from HAFTR Middle School.  The project provided us with the chance to learn about interviewing and the Holocaust.  The first part of the project was to prepare us for interviewing the Holocaust survivors.  To prepare us for the interview, we needed to take preparation classes.  In the first class we took, we worked with a journalist who taught us about the do’s and do not’s of interviewing.  The journalist also taught us about what types of questions to ask, how to ask them, and how to deal with tears.  Next, we took a trip to a Holocaust museum in the city.  There we learned more about the Jewish heritage and the Holocaust.  One of the facts that we learned was that before the Jews were moved to Ghettos and concentration camps, many restaurants, schools, and other public places became segregated or completely banned Jews.  We also learned that thousands of Jews were forced to leave their homes and move into Ghettos.  Another fact that we learned was that in order to humiliate Jewish men, the Nazis would shave off the beards of the Jewish men.  Jews were also forced to travel on trains to concentration camps.  The trains were not ordinary trains like we have on the Long Island Rail Road today.  The conditions on the trains were horrific and atrocious.  Once arriving to the concentration camps by train, the Jewish men, women, and children were separated into several groups.  Certain groups were sent to “work” and others were sent to gas chambers and killed.  When we interview the Holocaust survivors, we will learn so much more about the conditions that Jews had to endure and the experiences they faced during this time.  Another class that we took to prepare us for interviewing the Holocaust survivors was a class on how to film with a professional camera.  Many of us had not done this before and we needed to learn how to work the camera.  The students participating in this project have been split into groups and assigned a Holocaust survivor.  Many of the survivors are grandparents and great-grandparents of the students in HAFTR.  In our groups, we have used all of our tools and skills that we learned to develop appropriate questions to ask the Holocaust survivors.  We will be interviewing the survivors in the next few weeks.  After the interviews, there is still a lot of work to do to complete the project.  This is truly a special experience that we will never forget.  We have learned and will continue to learn incredible skills, tips, and life lessons from this experience that we will cherish forever.



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